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Thermo Fisher Scientific Gerhard Menzel 

A long tradition, international experience, high quality standards and a wide product portfolio are the ingredients to what makes us one of the leading manufacturers of slides and specialty glass.

For over 60 years Menzel Gläser has been manufacturing laboratory glass supplies that have been used in medicine, biology and research. 


Microscope slides – washed and polished for immediate use in a variety of applications

Thermo Scientific™ slides are made of extra-white soda-lime glass, manufactured to the highest quality standards using the state-of-the-art technical
facilities at our Swiss glassworks

  • Reduced iron content for low self-fluorescence
  • Greenish shimmer minimized
  • Guaranteed optimum, faultless transparency
  • Clean, washed and polished for immediate use
  • Ensures uniform blood smearing and easy wetting
  • Ground edges to prevent accidental cuts
  • Safe for use in automated laboratory systems
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