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Aborn Plasma Ionizer

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Product Information

No more difficulty, now you can purify air without air conditioning, more filters or complicated systems. Abron Plasma Ionizer is designed to draw out the bad smell from your place and make your air fresh and free of bacteria and viruses. 


  • Modern elegant design, inspired by the space shuttles, and comfortable world of speculation.
  • Better performance with far reach effect, purify air 30% more the other air purification products.
  • Compact size, safe and easy operation and cleaning, No disturbing noise, cost effective maintenance, and durable when properly used.
  • Can be used everywhere: hospital, car, home, office… and elsewhere.    

Specifications :

  • Made in Korea
  • Available in different brilliant colors
  • Can be energized through USB
  • Touch operation button.
  • One year guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Price : SAR  300

Usage Instructions:

  • The system must be cleaned at least once every month to maintain its integrity and effectiveness.

Important Note

  • The system can be charged through USB port then be used. Also you can take and use anywhere without connection to power source, can also be operated later by using spare batteries such as cell phone battery.
  • Can also be used safely in more than one place : (Bedrooms, hotel rooms, hospital suits, bathrooms, shoe lockers, baby rooms … etc. 
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